Hair Removal Services

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What is Electrolysis?

If you are searching for a solution to unwanted body and facial hair, then consider Carol Kalan Electrolysis services. We have been providing electrolysis services for the last 35 years. Electrolysis is a medically approved procedure that permanently removes hair for men and women. Hair is safely removed when a sterile probe is inserted through the hair follicle, which destroys the source of nourishment to the hair. Why continue to shave and wax when you can choose hair removal services that offer permanent results? Contact Carol Kalan for professional and gentle hair removal.

Body Hair Removal

Are you self-conscious about unwanted body hair? Carol Kalan can offer a permanent solution. At our office, we remove hair from arms, legs, fingers, toes, back chest and women's bikini lines. Shaving, waxing, plucking and tweezing are all temporary solutions, but electrolysis offers permanent results. If you would like to learn more about our hair removal services, please contact us today. We're open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. 
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Facial Hair Removal

Would you like to permanently remove unwanted facial hair on your lip, chin, cheeks, neck, hairlines and eye brows? Electrolysis puts an end to constant plucking and waxing. Carol Kalan offers decades of expertise and knowledge. Enjoy softer and smoother skin with our electrolysis services. FREE consultations are available for your convenience. Take advantage of one of our complimentary consultations and learn more about our hair removal services. Call, e-mail or stop by our salon to schedule an appointment today.
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